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How We Work


Define Your Brand

Exploration: We outline or use your brand guidelines to define your brand while thinking about your unique selling points (USPs), brand voice, and value proposition.


Buyer Personas

Build Persona: We consider demographics, as well as the motivations that drive people to choose your company, products, and services to determine who your business wants to reach with custom buyer personas


S.M.A.R.T. Goals

S.M.A.R.T.: We use specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goals (also known as S.M.A.R.T. goals) to guide our strategy.


Marketing Strategies

Strategies: We focus on the techniques that offer the most value for your business and industry, versus trendy strategies.



Launching:We launch your campaigns across channels and also ensure that all our channels feature the appropriate tracking information. Your website, for example, will feature Google Analytics tracking code.


Results Tracking

Results: Lastly we monitor and measure the performance of our strategies by tracking their performance. We use tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Ads to keep a pulse on our strategies and their return on investment (ROI).

spread the word

With millions of people using the internet lately. Facebook is the leading most used platform with over 2 billion active users. We have the tools and expertise to target your potential customers with campaigns personalized to evoke engagement.

We have partnered with other companies / brands to help them with their marketing. Please click below to view our partners and the work we have done.

Pay-per-click markting

google adwords

Google AdWords is paid advertising where you only pay for the results. It is as simple as:

contextual targeting

Engage new customers by showing them Ads that resonates with the content they are already consuming. 

Contextual targeting looks at the category or keywords of the current page a consumer is viewing and then serves them Ads that are highly relevant to that content. So, viewers only see Ads they’re interested in, and you only serve valuable impressions to the right viewers.

site retargeting

Roughly 98% of consumers will leave a site without converting. Here is your chance to re-engage them with a completely new level of performance and sight.

Site retargeting target users who have already visited your site while they are visiting other sites across the web. Site retargeting is a highly effective method of converting site visitors into purchasers. This brings the advantages of element level marketing to site retargeting. While most retargeting companies still operate at the group segment level, this enables bidding, reporting and optimizing down to the smallest data elements such as products, categories or pages viewed.

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