Terms of Service

  1. You hereby acknowledge and understand that you are engaging into this Service Terms and Conditions agreement with Websites4U for the design, building, hosting and management of your new website. Websites 4U will be the primary developer of your new website, and will be responsible for the initiation, fulfilment, maintenance and billing charges.
  2. Payments – The first and last month payments will be paid in advance as deposit before commencement of your website project.
  •   Paying monthly – payments will be made in advance per month before the 1st of each month.
  •   Direct Debit – Will be taken on the 1st of each month.
  1. You understand that this Website Program is based on ongoing payments for a 5-year contact period, at which point you will own the website, including all copyrighted materials and content. You will have the option to discontinue services at that time or continue on a month-to-month basis. However, if we provide you with a complete new website redesign and rebuild at any stage within the initial 5-year period, the service terms will restart for an additional 5-year period.
  2. You cannot cancel your website and payment schedule within the first 12 months of your initial website “Billing Date” and if you do, you will be liable to pay the balance of the remaining 12-month payment as a cancellation fee. You also agree that there will be no payment refunds or charge-backs after you have been charged.
  3. You understand that if you do cancel your website and payment within 5 years of your website “Live” date, you will not be able to take ownership of the website design or it’s copyrighted contents. The only option would be for you to pay the remaining balance of the 5 year service fee, before we would release the copyrighted materials and completed website to you. You understand that we will not provide FTP access to the website until the end of the 5 year payment plan.
  4. You understand that if you do cancel your website and payment within 5 years of your website “Live” date, you will not be able to take ownership of the website domain name, unless you bought and registered it yourself via a third party registrar. If we registered your domain name, you will be charged a R1000 domain name transfer fee before we release the domain name to you. At that time we will transfer the domain name and ownership to you through the domain registrar.
  5. You understand that all minor website changes and updates are included as part of your monthly fee which includes, website hosting, e-mail accounts, storage and bandwidth. However, major website changes and updates such as a complete website re-designs, major navigational changes, database driven applications, content writing or e-commerce integration will require additional charges based on the complexity and time needed to accomplish them, which will be determined by Websites 4U in a Web Scope Outline upon request. Before any work is started, there will be an agreement on price and a 2 month deposit is payable.
  6. You understand that your monthly payments will be used primarily to pay for your website over a 5 year period, which includes minor site updates, basic “Organic” search engine optimisation on major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo based on your website plan.
  7. You understand that your monthly payments will be charged by Websites 4U by direct debit or invoiced and payment for each month will be 30 days in advance.
  8. You hereby agree to abide by all the above Service Terms and Conditions before signing up for any of our website plans.
  9. Websites 4U reserves the right to change or update these Service Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Should this happen you will be notified by mail 30 days prior to changes. You will always be “grandfathered” in, to the terms you signed, which will override any previous changes made to these Service Terms and Conditions.
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